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So, journal entry #1. I've had this account for about 3 years, but was using it purely to post on communities and comment on other peoples' journals. Lately I've decided it's time I stopped wimping out and constructed some kind of blogging architecture for myself, since I'm supposedly serious about writing and supposedly not a hopeless Luddite. I enjoy and respect writers' blogs, and blogs in general, and it's starting to feel like a sign of immaturity, the last shred of self-defeating teenage book-under-the-bed angst, that I'm not putting my writing (any of it, serious or casual) out there for people to read and, crucially, to comment on. Also, if I should ever go the self-publishing route then a blog feels like a necessary part of the professional image; while that 'pro' blog may not be this thing, I'm at the point where any online presence is good exercise. Plus, let's not be too worthy; jabbering online about my world of geek is not exactly foreign to my nature and I expect I'll be mostly doing that here, since I'm still working through my nerves about posting fiction extracts.

So as a first step I've put some personalised styling on this LJ (homemade camerapunk banner, go!) and am actually using my friends list. Once I stop congratulating myself for these tiny motions I may actually write some proper entries. We'll see. I have epic procrastination skills, and creative stuff usually comes last in the list after family, work, sleep, food, wine, and aimlessly poking the internet with a stick.

(And what's a Kiev4am? This is. Pretty!)


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