Mar. 21st, 2012 09:37 am
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...just what time of day does Comixology gets its same-day-as-print stuff up, anyway?

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I love Peter David's X-Factor. I hate that its sales figures are always so dangerously low for such a critically acclaimed, beautifully constructed, thoughtful, fun comic. And yet right now I want to slap upside the head all the people on forums who are saying they'll definitely pick up the book now that Havok and Polaris are in it, as if the core cast, the characters David has done so much awesome development with and woven so many excellent stories around, are just an annoying add-on that they're tolerating. Part of me wants to say no, please, just stay with your big proper X-books and leave X-Factor out of your rabid following-characters-without-caring-who-writes-them thing; if you didn't appreciate this book before then it's wasted on you. But then, sales. Hmph.
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What this mostly means to me is that the clock is now ticking on all the stuff I've been breezily saying I'll get started on 'in the new year.' You know, easy stuff like retrain, look for another job, rewrite my book and take up running. Oh bugger.
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1. Finish rewriting book before I die, at the current rate of 15 minutes a day
2. Get agent in a shrinking, suspicious marketplace
3. Get book published in a see above
4. Retrain very fast and without it costing anything
5. Get new job with flexible hours, in an industry that isn't tanking, without having any experience in it, at close to middle age

It fits on a Post-It, it's totally doable. What?
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Seriously. I haven't slept more than 5 hours a night for a week and my brain keeps throwing up little blank surfaces in place of functioning, and I've got silly amounts of what we lightly call 'real life' going on each day so my free and quiet time is almost non-existent - and I still spent lots of last night berating myself for underachieving because I hadn't done anything in my brief, befuddled free time except poke the internet. Note to self: when you're utterly knackered and distracted, it's okay not to be the poster girl for creativity. You dork.
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Okay, so I just worked out that LJ's Archive and Calendar features use the original posting date of the entry, regardless of whether you then subsequently edit it to reorder things. I had my first post originally set up as a sticky post (dated 2020), and I was editing those WildStorm review posts in private mode for a few days before I made them public, so changed the dates from August 30th and 31st to today. But if you do that the Calendar widget continues to show the old dates, with live hyperlinks that go nowhere, which means that if I'm a pedantic nerd who wants everything aligned properly (I am, and I do), I have to delete and repost my entries. Which I did. What a faff. Honestly, what's the point of allowing you to edit the date of the entry if the archival features ignore it?


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