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Seriously. He hit me over the head and stole half my brain and all of my free time. No-one told me writing this stuff was so addictive!


Feb. 10th, 2012 06:44 pm
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Han never shot first, says George Lucas.


Totally worth making a whole new tag for.
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I think I'm about to start actually posting/reblogging on Tumblr instead of just lurking and following. I tell myself it's because Tumblr is fun and full of fandom, but it's really because it'll give me something else to do when I'm supposed to be doing all of this. I am shameless.
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I love that my Google homepage is asking me to buy stuff from the Android Market. The fact that this conjures up a mashup of Chiba City in Neuromancer, the street vendor bits in 'Blade Runner' and the troll market in 'Hellboy 2' - rather than some boring website selling phone apps - makes me happy. And a big nerd, obviously.
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1. Finish rewriting book before I die, at the current rate of 15 minutes a day
2. Get agent in a shrinking, suspicious marketplace
3. Get book published in a see above
4. Retrain very fast and without it costing anything
5. Get new job with flexible hours, in an industry that isn't tanking, without having any experience in it, at close to middle age

It fits on a Post-It, it's totally doable. What?
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Paraphrase of a talkboard comment that made me grin:

"Watching a scene with Smiley and Control I thought, I remember when they were Sid Vicious and Caligula. Crap, I feel old."

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I shouldn't want this, it's far too geeky even for me and the wanky reactionary old git part of me deplores the increasing dilution of the 'proper notebooks for proper writers' boring black Moleskine aesthetic. And then I go eeeeeee, Star Wars Moleskine!

I think I'd need more appropriate manglings of Star Wars quotations on mine, though.

"If there's a bright centre to literature, you're in the notebook that it's farthest from."

"Aren't you a little short for a novel?"

"I find your lack of plot disturbing."

And of course, "Sorry about the mess."


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