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[personal profile] kiev4am beautiful, loopy and intriguing, with a side of magnificent fanservice.

I think this story's one of my favourites since X-Factor renumbered. I mean, not only is PAD unravelling a plot seeded years ago - Rahne's vision of Jamie and Layla's murder - but he's also using it to have as much cracky fun as possible with alternate universe what-ifs, WTFs and sneaky story hints. The explanations for the murders and Jamie's dimension-hopping are batshit, but work perfectly in-story; classic PAD. (Also classic? More Longshot-Shatterstar teasing.) And Emanuela Lupacchino's drawing it, which makes everything 200% more enthralling; even the background details are to die for.

Which brings us to the fanservice. If you ever wondered what Rob Liefeld's Shatterstar would look like if Emanuela drew him, wonder no more XD. (Not a spoiler: he looks awesome). The only way it could have been better if is Rictor had snogged him, which would surely have counted as the best piece of Liefeld trolling in history. (Instead, he protests too much. "I hate that guy." "Me too." You're not fooling anyone, sunshine. Though you really do scrub up nice in that tuxedo.)

These are some of the reasons I love comics, right here.

ETA: I just realised there's one panel where all you can see are 'Star's feet. Hahahaha. Emanuela Liefeld trolling? LOOK MINE HAS FEET!
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