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Sometime, I want to write a proper grown-up serious review of this show - God knows it deserves it, and I am a massive Sherlock Holmes nerd from way back - but right now, just after watching the final episode, all I've got is the flail.

Holy crap - right now, I can't imagine how Martin Freeman was ever in comedy. I'm very easily moved by buttoned-up dignified men losing their shit and trying not to, and that scene at the graveside was just horribly affecting, the simplicity and feeling in that choked, dogged little speech. And it rang so damn true to the text of the story, like so much in the scripts. The fidelity in this show is a beautiful thing.

And the 'note' from the roof, jeez. It wasn't that Sherlock was willing to jump off a roof for his friends - he didn't, obviously, he just needed to make it look that way - but he did something even more appalling and selfless (for him), he called himself a fake, he destroyed his whole art and reputation in the eyes of the world and of his best friend. He gave up his ego. Gahhhh. (I mean, yeah, presumably he's going to come back and vindicate the hell out of his ego and his rep, BUT STILL).

I need to re-watch this, I really do.
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